With the aim of overcoming the fact that results of electronic elections are not verifiable, some people suggest a couple of (supposed) solutions:

  1. Voter Verified Balloting See VVPAT.
  2. Electors' verification of their recorded vote. If each elector could (and would) verify the vote recorded on his behalf is really the one he cast, then we would verify the correctness of the election's result. I think such a result's verification is impossible to realize since:

    Furthermore, we can't build any system allowing people to verify how their votes have been recorded because:

Electronic elections results' cannot be verified

As the vote must obviously be secret, then the method to scrutinize it, to count the votes cast must be completely out in the open, otherwise the public will lose the possibility of verifying the results. The only way is to use anonymous ballot papers publicly scrutinized.

These are in fact the procedures adopted to date by all the liberal democracies; a written vote in secret on an anonymous ballot-paper that is first mixed with hundreds of others and then counted in public together with the others. In this way the ballot-papers are tangible, legible to the naked eye, anonymous and durable in time.

They are also verifiable later. The counting procedures, if public control is effectively carried out, guarantee that all the ballot-papers of a polling station are correctly interpreted. In this way, the electors are certain that their own vote has been correctly counted even though the anonymity of the ballot-papers does not allow the identification of individual votes. The results of the count at every polling station are numbers visible to the naked eye and, being public, also the counting procedures are verifiable by everyone; even the sums at the various levels (local authority, province, region/state and nation) can be verified.

The public and repeatable procedures and votes that are tangible objects, like the ballot-papers, constitute the only system that can guarantee anonymity and assure the correct counting of the votes.